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Simvastatin is a promising drug candidate for treatment of ovarian clear cell carcinomas

Oncotarget just lately printed “Simvastatin is a possible candidate drug in ovarian clear cell carcinomas” which reported that based mostly on earlier research, the authors assessed the anti-proliferative impact of simvastatin, a Rho GTPase interfering drug, in three OCCC cell traces: JHOC-5, OVMANA and TOV-21G, and one high-grade serous ovarian most cancers cell line, Caov3. The authors used the Rho GTPase interfering drug CID-1067700 as a management.

All OCCC cell traces have been extra delicate to single-agent simvastatin than the HGSOC cells, whereas all cell traces have been much less delicate to CID-1067700 than to simvastatin.

Most remedies inhibited migration, whereas solely simvastatin and CID-1067700 additionally disrupted actin group within the OCCC cell traces.

Remedies with simvastatin persistently decreased c-Myc protein expression in all OCCC cell traces and displayed proof of inflicting each caspase-mediated apoptotic cell dying and autophagic response in a cell line dependent method.

Conclusively, simvastatin effectively managed OCCC proliferation and migration, thus displaying potential as a candidate drug for the remedy of OCCC.

“Simvastatin effectively managed OCCC proliferation and migration, thus displaying potential as a candidate drug for the remedy of OCCC.”

Dr. Ingrid Hedenfalk from The Lund College stated, “Ovarian clear cell carcinoma (OCCC) is a subtype of epithelial ovarian most cancers (EOC) accounting for five–10% of circumstances identified in Europe and America, whereas the incidence in Asia is reported to be larger (10–20%).”

The Oncotarget authors just lately reported Rho GTPases and their related pathways to be differentially expressed between OCCC in comparison with the opposite main EOC subtypes.

Rho GTPases have been studied as targets for most cancers remedy in numerous settings as a consequence of their position in regulating key mobile capabilities together with the upkeep of cytoskeletal integrity, cell migration and proliferation, but additionally in metastasis and progressive illness in lots of most cancers varieties.

Nevertheless, focusing on Rho GTPases straight is difficult as a consequence of their excessive binding affinity for GTP/GDP, and oblique methods reminiscent of focusing on the localization of Rho GTPases to the cell membrane are promising options.

CID-1067700 is a pan-GTPase inhibitor that inhibits binding of GTP/GDP and downstream binding of Rho GTPases to their targets and is used as a comparator for Rho GTPase interference as a druggable goal in OCCC.

Based mostly on the deregulated expression of each Rho GTPases and cytoskeletal pathways in main human OCCC tumors in our earlier work, they investigated the potential of simvastatin, a lipophilic statin, as a focused remedy in OCCC cell traces with CID-1067700 as a comparator within the current research.

The Hedenfalk Analysis Workforce concluded of their Oncotarget Analysis Paper that whereas HGSOC has been studied intensively, OCCC stays a uncommon subtype with poor prognosis, however this research, though investigative, demonstrates a possible for simvastatin remedy in OCCC.

Simvastatin may act by means of Rho GTPase interference as simvastatin impacts the cytoskeletal integrity of OCCC cells at ranges which could be achieved in plasma.

Nevertheless, the mechanism is completely different from Rho GTPase inhibition by CID-1067700.

Moreover, warning ought to be given, as this information counsel {that a} mixture with commonplace chemotherapy could elicit an antagonistic response.

Whether or not that is of medical relevance for sufferers receiving statin remedy stays unclear and must be investigated additional, however simvastatin holds promise as a possible drug candidate in OCCC and warrants additional investigation within the medical setting.


Journal reference:

Arildsen, et al. (2020) Simvastatin is a possible candidate drug in ovarian clear cell carcinomas. Oncotarget. doi.org/10.18632/oncotarget.27747.

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