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PolitiFact Warps Reality About Left-Wing Activist Inciting Capitol Riot – Just Facts

By Anna Lynn and James D. Agresti
February 1, 2021

A PolitiFact article written by Invoice McCarthy declares “there’s no proof that” a left-wing anti-Trump activist named John Sullivan incited rioting on the U.S. Capitol. Because of this declare, Fb flagged and reduced distribution of a post which accused Sullivan of doing so.

Nevertheless, video footage indisputably proves that Sullivan inspired individuals to storm and vandalize the Capitol. Furthermore, Sullivan was subsequently arrested and charged with “violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds” and “interfering with regulation enforcement” through the riot. Within the wake of those revelations, PolitiFact “up to date” its article twice however has not modified its conclusion regardless of overwhelming proof on the contrary.

PolitiFact’s Denial

The Facebook post focused by PolitiFact states that “Anti-Trump founding father of radical left-wing group ‘Insurgence USA’ John Sullivan, incited insurgence of U.S. Capitol.” PolitiFact proclaims “there’s no proof that he ‘incited’ the violence himself or led the cost into the Capitol.”

PolitiFact’s first proof for its conclusion is Sullivan’s declare that he was “not main” the mob in “any form, type, or vogue” and “was solely there to expertise and witness what went down.” PolitiFact then cites Jade Sacker, a photojournalist who has completed work for NBC and NPR to again up his account. Sacker claims to have been with Sullivan for half of the riot and says that Sullivan was “vocal” and “actively there and focused on what was occurring,” however not “directing the cost” or “inciting violence.”

Nevertheless, regulation enforcement obtained videos from Sullivan that present him frightening and taking part within the riot. As such, the FBI sought and was granted a warrant to arrest him. Per the affidavit and different video footage, Sullivan:

  • yelled by a megaphone exterior of the Capitol, “Get in that shit! Let’s go! Let’s go! Transfer! Transfer! Transfer! Transfer! Storm that shit! This shit is ours! That is our fucking home!”
  • wore a “ballistic vest and fuel masks” as he entered the Capitol and declared, “Let’s burn this shit down,” “We gotta get this shit burned,” “It’s our home motherfuckers.”
  • pointed his digital camera at a door and stated, “Why don’t we go in there?” After somebody hit the door, Sullivan stated, “That’s what I’m sayin,’ break that shit.”
  • broke a window and stated, “I broke it. My unhealthy, my apologies. Nicely, they already broke a window. I didn’t know I hit it that arduous. Nobody bought that on digital camera.”
  • joined a crowd of rioters that was attempting break by a door, and stated, “I’ve a knife. Let me by. I’ve a knife.”

Furthermore, the movies present that Jade Sacker, the photojournalist who PolitiFact used to exonerate Sullivan, was complicit in his plan. Sullivan’s video reveals Sacker and him contained in the Capitol saying to one another:

Sacker: “I’ll provide you with your hug now. We did it!”
Sullivan: [Laughter]
Sacker: “You have been proper, we did it.”
Sullivan: “Dude, I used to be attempting to let you know. I couldn’t say a lot.”
Sacker: “You have been proper [laughter].”
Sullivan: “You simply have to look at my chat.”
Sacker: “Oh my God!”
Sullivan: “Is that this not gonna be the perfect movie you’ve ever made in your life?”
Sacker: “Yeah [unintelligible].”
Sullivan: “Nah, you gotta give me an actual kiss for that shit.”
Sacker: “That’s it.”
Sullivan: “Hell, yeah!”
Sacker: “Hell, yeah?”
Sullivan: “Hell, yeah!”

Then realizing that they have been incriminating themselves, they are saying:

Sacker: “Wait, you weren’t recording, have been you?”
Sullivan: “I’ll delete that shit after. However I didn’t document you or me. We’re simply voices.”

On January 14, Sullivan was arrested and charged in federal courtroom with:

  • “one depend of knowingly coming into or remaining in any restricted constructing or grounds with out lawful authority.”
  • “one depend of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.”
  • “one depend of interfering with regulation enforcement engaged within the lawful efficiency of their official duties incident to and through the fee of civil dysfunction.”

Confronted with these info, PolitiFact “up to date” its original article two separate times to incorporate “extra element” from the video and the FBI affidavit. But, PolitiFact deceitfully:

  • ignores the huge bulk of damning content material within the video.
  • summarizes the footage by saying that “it doesn’t present Sullivan clearly engaged within the violence or main the run as much as the Capitol, though it does present him animated as he spoke with police and rioters from the frontlines.”
  • insists “there’s no proof” Sullivan incited insurgence.

PolitiFact’s Double Requirements

In distinction to PolitiFact’s declare that Sullivan’s calls to “storm” and “burn” down the Capitol don’t represent incitement, PolitiFact has not fact-checked any of the lots of of Congressional Democrats who declare of their impeachment resolution that President Trump incited the riot. That is despite the truth that Trump didn’t name for violence and emphasised in his speech on that very same day that folks ought to go “to the Capitol constructing to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

But, the impeachment decision alleges that Trump is responsible of “inciting violence towards the Authorities of the USA” as a result of he said in his speech: “for those who don’t combat like hell, you’re not going to have a rustic anymore.” This quote is taken out of context, as Trump used the phrase “combat” 20 instances in the speech, making clear that he was talking about authorized, not bodily, combating. For instance, he stated that Rudy Giuliani has “guts, he fights.” 

PolitiFact’s Strawman

PolitiFact additionally makes use of a dishonest debating approach known as a “straw man.” This entails debunking an argument that somebody didn’t make. Once more, the Fb put up says: “Anti-Trump founding father of radical left-wing group ‘Insurgence USA’ John Sullivan, incited insurgence of U.S. Capitol.” But, PolitiFact twists this by arguing “there’s no proof that Sullivan ‘incited (the) insurgence’ alone amid a crowd of hundreds.”

Briefly, the put up doesn’t declare that Sullivan is solely and even primarily liable for inciting the riot, however PolitiFact inserts the phrases “alone” and “the” to make it look like the put up stated he was the lone ringleader.

PolitiFact’s Antifa Deceptions

PolitiFact additionally goes to nice lengths to distance Sullivan from antifa. This allows PolitiFact to salvage an article that it printed the day earlier than, which claims there’s “no credible proof” that the gang that stormed the Capitol was “infiltrated or led by antifa activists in disguise.”

As soon as once more, PolitiFact’s major proof is the claims of Sullivan and Sacker, each of whom have been caught on video taking credit score for the riot and plotting to delete the footage.

PolitiFact even acknowledges that Sullivan’s “Twitter accounts have often used #antifa” and that “the quilt photograph for considered one of his accounts marketed a Jan. 6 Insurgence USA event to ‘Kick These Fascists Out of DC’.” Regardless of this specific proof, PolitiFact experiences that “Sullivan denied any affiliation with antifa,” as if it have been a proper group that points membership playing cards.

Sullivan’s actions additionally accord with a sympathetic profile of antifa in The Nation journal, which explains that “antifa” are activists who assist violent techniques towards individuals they deem to be “fascists.” Importantly, their definitions of fascists embody roughly half of the U.S. inhabitants, together with cops, Fox Information viewers, Trump supporters, and anybody who stands in the way in which of their self-described “radical left-wing” agenda.

In accord with that profile, Sullivan publicly stated at an earlier protest in Washington, DC:

  • “We gotta fuckin rip Trump outta that workplace proper over there, fucking pull him out that shit.”
  • “We ain’t about fucking ready until the following election, we about to go get that motherfucker.”
  • “Are you aware what time it’s? It’s time for revolution!”

PolitiFact is nicely conscious of that incident however downplays it by saying that Sullivan “described the necessity to ‘rip’ Trump out of workplace, based on Fox News.” This isn’t merely a report from Fox Information however an occasion that was captured on video and is extra graphic than PolitiFact portrays it.

On prime of that, PolitiFact parrots the propaganda of antifa by describing them as “a broad coalition of anti-fascist activists.” In actuality, antifa embraces a few of the central components of fascism, together with however not restricted to:

  • the suppression of “all criticism or opposition” (Cambridge Dictionary).
  • leftist financial insurance policies like a “sturdy progressive tax” on companies, heavy unionization, a minimal wage, and authorities management of industries (Mussolini’s Fascist Manifesto).
  • using “decided youths, armed, wearing black shirts and arranged in navy vogue” to combat “towards the regulation with the intention to institute a brand new regulation” (Manifesto of the Fascist Intellectuals).

Fb’s Collusion

PolitiFact’s duplicitous protection of Sullivan is the newest in its string of farces that serve progressive political agendas. Nonetheless, Fb nonetheless makes use of PolitiFact as an approved “unbiased” fact-checker to police and censor different individuals’s Fb posts.

Simply Info has questioned Fb concerning the lack of accountability for his or her so-called fact-checkers, however Fb has repeatedly evaded answering these three questions:

  1. On condition that Fb has hand-selected these organizations to be the judges of fact in your platform, do you maintain them to actionable requirements and depend high quality violations towards them?
  2. In that case, what precisely are these requirements and the repercussions for violating them?
  3. If not, why are you vesting sure individuals with unchecked authority to make use of Fb to censor others, sow misinformation, and slander the reputations of students.

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