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Is ‘Poop Diving’ a Real Job in Australia?

Leaping right into a pile of poop is simply a part of a daily day’s work for sewage divers in Australia. In January 2021, Redditors shared a picture of a person named Brendan, claiming that he was a “poop diver.”

Brendan’s story comes from a 2014 profile revealed by Vice that describes him as a sewage diver. Brendan’s job includes him diving into every kind of environments with negligible air circulation, with piles of refuse being simply a kind of. He runs a Melbourne firm referred to as East West Dive and Salvage, which offers “contaminated diving operations”:

[…] we provide a variety of underwater and moist providers. These embrace full contamination diving, potable water diving, wharf carpentry together with underwater slicing and drilling, underwater grout and concrete pouring, confined area works, underwater video inspections, nondestructive testing and vessel and coxswain rent.

On why such diving is critical, Brendan said: “I’m doing it as a result of in Australia, we don’t course of our sewerage with chemical substances. We get micro organism to interrupt down the solids by aerating them with huge stirring machines, 24 hours a day. It’s a really aggressive surroundings, and transferring elements continually break.”

He discovered himself diving in blind to restore machines meant to combine the sewage, as a result of there was no visibility down there. Most of his work was performed “by feel.” A brief 2018 video by Vice shared extra particulars about Brendan’s work:

Since it is a actual job in Australia, we charge this declare as “True.”

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