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Did Panasonic Create a Farting Cat Robot?

In mid-February 2021, Panasonic Japan launched a video of somewhat spherical robotic created for the only function of human companionship. The robotic’s title is Nicobo. It has a toddler’s voice, digital eyes, a tail, and sure, it farts.

Though we will affirm that Panasonic did create the robotic, we will’t say Nicobo can be accessible for buy to most people. We can also’t say that the robotic is a cat, per se. Though it has a tail, it’s, as Gizmodo describes it, “as if somebody flipped a bowl over, gave it some animated eyes, a wagging tail, after which wrapped it in an outdated sock.”

Nicobo has a restricted vocabulary that expands over time, with limitations. It speaks in Katakoto, the Japanese time period for child speak, so it’s by no means going to hold on a philosophical dialog with you. However as Gizmodo reported, “its crude mutterings will assist reinforce the sensation that it’s genuinely attentive and listening to your emotions, even when it might’t do something about them. Typically that’s all a human wants.”

Panasonic is crowdfunding for the manufacturing of a restricted variety of the companion robots, and as of this writing, has exceeded its objective of 10 million yen (simply over $95,000 U.S. {dollars}). Its crowdfunding web site says the models can be delivered to potential patrons by March 2022.

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