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About Us

The Real Facts has been launched in March 2020 and its goal is to give you the absolute global news sources for topics like Politics, Hollywood, Technology and Science, Health, Facts, Fashion, and Sports from World and especially from the United States. Our topics are carefully curated and constantly updated as we know the web moves fast so we try to as well.


World News

About Us

We provide you the most updated news about the world and the relationships between the countries. We also provide you the news based on war, action, and important matter about civil situations. To get the most updated world news you should click on the world news menu.

Tech & Science

We provide you news about upcoming and new technologies. This section also contains information about researches, and other scientific and technical information and news. To get the most updated Technology and Science News or information you should click on the Tech & Science menu.


Here you will have information and news about Nutrition, Medical, Health, Disease, and its solution.


This section is having a lot of knowledgeable things related to special facts, Scientific Facts,  Education, etc. We try to update this information daily.

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