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Ah, the common-or-garden unicycle. Trusted transport of jugglers, quirky eccentrics, and clowns.

Perhaps not probably the most esteemed mode of transport, however definitely one of the crucial attention-grabbing!

There are about 1 million folks within the US who can trip a unicycle.

Even an entire host of celebrities can trip one – together with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, actor Rupert Grint, Components 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, and basketball participant Miles Plumlee!

However what have you learnt a lot in regards to the unicycle?

Have you ever ever heard of UNICON, the worldwide biennial unicycling conference?

Or have you learnt what the one-wheeled bicycle was initially referred to as? And I guess you possibly can’t inform me how tall the tallest unicycle ever was! 

Properly, put together to get on that unicycle and study all about it with these 5 attention-grabbing info in regards to the unicycle. 

The unicycle wasn’t initially referred to as the unicycle.

A unicycle on a countryside trail

Yup, the obvious identify for the unicycle wasn’t its unique identify.

The unique patent, filed in 1869 by inventor Frederick Myers, listed the single-wheeled contraption as a “velocipede” – one thing later backed up by one other patent from inventor Battista Scuri in his 1881 patent for a “velocipede.”

Now, “velocipede” was only a time period for any kind of human-powered biking machine, however it wasn’t till folks began calling two-wheelers bicycles that folks began referring to the one-wheeler as a unicycle.

Additionally, is it simply me or does “velocipede” sound like a bizarre velociraptor/centipede hybrid?

There are lots of various kinds of unicycles.

Rows of unicycles against a metal rack

Even if they’re principally all only a wheel, pedals, and (typically) a seat, there are a great deal of variations on the unicycle on the market!

And, as you may anticipate, a few of them have nice names.

There are seat-less unicycles, referred to as “final wheel‘s”, tall unicycles very fittingly referred to as “giraffes“, “munis”, that are the mountain bike equal of a unicycle, and “multi-wheeled unicycles”.

Oh, and “kangaroos” the place the rider has to maneuver each of their toes in unison, making them seem like a kangaroo hopping alongside!

There are unicycle conventions, sports activities, and races.

There are many unicycle competitions

Folks get large into unicycling! A lot in order that there are a number of conventions – UNICON and Eurocycle being the 2 largest.

At these conventions, choreographed workforce routines, ability present competitions and races are a typical factor you’d see.

However the races at these conventions aren’t the one unicycle races you’ll see although – the Unicross All-Terrain World Championship is one of the best of one of the best so far as unicycle races go. 

Right here, unicyclists race throughout an all-terrain impediment course on the worldwide Cyclocross Championship.

That every one mentioned, the true pièces de résistance of aggressive unicycling must be unicycle basketball and unicycle hockey. 

The principles of each video games are the identical as their bipedal counterparts, which means that contestants in unicycle basketball must dribble the ball while unicycling.

Unicycle basketball is the most well-liked of the 2, with the Puerto Rico All Star Unicycling Basketball Group being famend because the world’s finest workforce. 

Nevertheless, each of them are worldwide sports activities with leagues in Germany, France, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, and the UK!

The world’s tallest unicycle was over 100 toes tall!

Sem Abrahams has the world record for riding the tallest unicycle

It was an enormous 114.eight toes tall! Sem Abrahams rode the ginormous unicycle into the report guide when he rode it a distance of 28 toes in January 2004.

As a result of sheer top of the unicycle, Sem had to ensure he wore a security line that was hooked up to a crane so he may trip safely with out significantly endangering himself if he fell off.

There are some unbelievable unicycle world information.

There are many world records performed on a unicycle

Unsurprisingly, some folks have accomplished some cool and loopy stunts with unicycles which have landed them into the report books!

A number of the most spectacular information are issues that you just may anticipate.

For instance, the Longest Unicycle Chain had 251 unicyclists all peddling alongside along with their arms linked. There’s additionally the Longest Unicycle Rail Grind of 9 foot.

After which there are the completely weird and sensible ones.

The Most Consecutive Unicycle Backflips On A Trampoline was a report deservedly gained by one loopy Canadian named Cameron Fraser in Could 2003.

Though the craziest unicycle world report, by a trampoline leap, must be the report for Most Tea-Cups Caught On Head Whereas On A Unicycle… simply wow. 

This unbelievable second for mankind was achieved by one Rudy Horn, juggler extraordinaire, in 1951.

Now, it’s spectacular sufficient that he caught the teacups and saucers on his head while using… however it’s triply spectacular if you discover out he was kicking them up together with his toes, then catching them on his head, while using the unicycle!


Unable to see the catches, or look down at his toes for the throws for the hazard of toppling the tea set from his head, Rudy carried out the stunt largely by really feel. 

By the point he was accomplished, Rudy had stacked six teacups and 6 saucers on his head!

Simply to high all of it off, he flicked up a teaspoon with a sugar dice in it, catching them each within the high teacup atop his head.


Generally you’ve bought to marvel if something you ever obtain will probably be as wonderful as throwing teacups and saucers up onto your head, along with your toes, while using a freaking unicycle…

There’s a world report for the “Most Tea-Cups Caught On Head Whereas On A Unicycle”.

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